Features and Benefits

Guaranteed proof

Guaranteed proof of where the worker is and when.
Remember that .. not everything that can be counted counts

Real-time management

Real-time management visibility of every employee for lone worker protection and to instantly see if any missed visits

Recording of job

Recording of job-related data - tasks worker performed, reportable incidents

Web-based reporting

web-base reporting that gives controlled access to recorded data for manager, employees, social workers, and even the clients relatives should you wish

How it works

Tappy uses Near Field Communications (NFC) phones, which read NFC tags,
the same technology used in the Tap and Pay system that most bank cards use.
It simple to set-up and use:


Tag Mounting

NFC tags are securely mounted to virtually any surface

NFC enabled phone is 'touched' on the tag

The unique ID number of the tag is registered by the phone details are sent to the server


Server is able to communicate messages/instructions back to the phone all in real-time

Web Monitoring

Increase efficiency, make staff more accountable

Our Team


Jufil Blanza




  • Tappy Starter Pack!
  • $500 AUD
  • 2 Licenses
  • Your Company logo
  • 100 NFC stickers/tags
  • 12 Months Subscription
  • Plus GST
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