NDIS Employee Compliance Software

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Compliance, Safety and Training Software

Android and Apple IOS Application

NFC Asset Management

Incident Investigation Module 

Record and generate reports for incidents for an investigation with corrective action tasks and sign-offs.

Hazard Reporting Module

Record and generate reports based on hazard reports produced by departments with a registered corrective action for any hazard identified

Safety Observation Module

Safe and Unsafe behavior graphical representation which helps supervisors address corrective action.

License and Training Module

Provide and record data of training attended by the employee and generate reminders for supervisors. Host training material like videos, audio, and documentation which dramatically reduce time in Induction training. In addition, operational procedural videos with a question and answer reviews for employees can be produced.

Asset Module (NFC)

Record company assets using NFC (near field communication) asset tagging which allows management to connect physical assets to a database by utilising an NFC sticker and allowing users to “Tap” on Assets to create, remove or report on condition.

Inspection Module

Record Non-compliance and generate corrective action with notification to task recipients, in addition, an NFC (near field communication) asset tagging inspection module which allows employees to “Tap” on Assets to understand the general use and report on condition.

Audit Module

Record Audit finding and generate corrective action and send a notification to task recipients.

CAR Compilation Module

Retrieve corrective action data from Incident investigation, Hazard Report, Safety Observation, Inspection, Audit and License/Permit and generate corrective action either in pdf and excel format

Admin Module

Manage access and notifications for employees. Includes add or remove user and level of access e.g Superuser, Administrator, Site User.


Display outstanding task (Corrective actions and incident required sign off) and provide a link to navigate the user to a corrective action.


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